Wedding Policy

Reserving the Church:

The church office should be contacted three months in advance of the wedding date.


Other Arrangements:

The minister of the church will be the officiating minister.  If the couple desires another pastor, the minister of the church must agree either to co-officiate, or in some cases, allow the other minister to preside.

It is preferred that no weddings be scheduled for New Year=s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, or Sundays.

When a wedding co-ordinator is used, the minister will direct the overall proceedings and the wedding ceremony.  Any arrangements for the wedding must be agreed upon by the minister.

The couple will meet with the minister at least 3 times prior to the wedding.

The church organist will be the musician at weddings.  Should another type of instrument wish to be used at the wedding, the organist and minister must agree.

The couple should meet with the organist well in advance of the wedding.

If a vocalist will present any wedding music, rehearsal time will need to be scheduled with the church organist.

Should another organist be desired by the couple, the church organist must approve.



Music must be deemed appropriate by the organist and pastor.


Church Décor:

Flowers: the use of flowers should be used as an enhancement to the wedding, but not in any way that is ostentatious.

Candles: the couple must provide their own candles which should be dripless.

A candelabra set is available, each holding 7 candles.

Bows or other items may not be attached to the pews with tape, nails, thumbtacks, or staples.  They may be tied on.

Following the wedding, someone from the wedding party must be responsible for checking the sanctuary, the dressing area, the Fellowship Hall, and the restrooms to be sure no personal belongings were left behind.


Aisle runner:

The aisle is 35 feet long.



The Fellowship Hall is available for rehearsal dinners/parties as well as wedding receptions.  The wedding party is responsible for any breakage or excessive clean-up.



Since the wedding service is sacred, nothing should detract from it nor draw attention away from the importance of the fact that this is a worship service of Holy Marriage.  Therefore, it is the policy of this church that no flash pictures may be taken during the ceremony. Video cameras are permitted from a stationary position.

Photographs are permitted during the processional and recessional by anyone.  Only a professional or designated wedding photographer may take photographs during the ceremony, but must consult with the pastor prior to the ceremony.  The minister will also be available, so that certain portions of the ceremony may be re-posed for photographs, if photographs are not taken during the ceremony.  The couple is responsible for informing the photographer of this requirement.


Alcoholic Beverages:

Use of alcoholic beverages outside of the wedding ceremony itself is expressly prohibited.  Violation of this policy means cancellation of the wedding.



Smoking is not permitted in the building.  Smoking is permitted outside, but the smoker must be 50 feet away from the entrance.



A marriage license must be obtained in compliance with Pennsylvania and Blair county law prior to the rehearsal.  The best man should bring the license with him to the wedding, and give it to the pastor prior to the wedding.



The time of rehearsal and the wedding service will be set by the minister and the couple.  They will begin promptly at the time set.

Confetti, bird seed, helium balloons, or potpourri may not be used to Ashower@ the couple upon their departure from the church.  Bubbles are acceptable.




  • Sanctuary               $200
  • Fellowship Hall for Reception  $200
  • Minister             $150
  • Organist          $100 Rehearsal with soloist $25 each extra hour of rehearsal
  • Sound Board Operator  $50
  • Custodian           $50 {$75 if a meal/reception}
  • Administrator        $50 (if needed for bulletin)
  • Cost of Bulletins      $15



  • Sanctuary and/or Hall   no fee
  • Minister             at your discretion
  • Organist             at your discretion
  • Sound Board Operator  $25
  • Custodian           $25 {$50 if meal/reception}
  • Administrator         $30  (if needed for bulletin)
  • Cost of Bulletins      $15



Funeral Policy

Funerals and Memorial Services should rightly be held in the Church.  The service is a witness to the resurrection and is somber yet celebratory.



Flowers are usually brought by the Funeral Home that is working with the family. They may be placed both in the sanctuary (except in the organ loft) and in the Fellowship Hall.



Organ, piano or other instruments are appropriate at these services, as well as congregational singing and or soloists.  Appropriate recorded music may be played through the sound system. The church organist must first be contacted about music. If a guest organist is desired by the family, this request must be made to the church organist. Music used for these services must be approved by the organist and pastor.



When a church member dies, the pastor of the church is to be notified. This pastor is the one who officiates the service. If the family desires that a guest pastor take part, this request must also be made of the church pastor.



If you wish to hold a reception at the church after the service, please contact the pastor.



  • Minister – at your discretion
  • Organist – at your discretion
  • Custodian – $25 if there is no reception/meal – – – $50 if there is
  • a reception/meal
  • Soundboard – $25
  • Administrator – $30 if needed
  • Cost of Bulletins – $15