Our Statement of Purpose

The Mission Team reaches out to individuals and groups in need. We minister with God’s help to those people in our own community and the world.

Goals Of The Mission Team

  • To educate the membership of Christ’s call to minister to and share generously with others in the world.
  • To develop and petition for the resources/ finances to fulfill Christ’s call.
  • Implement local mission outreach project activities, such as the local Food Bank and the Simpson-Temple “Love Feast” dinner.
  • Lead the congregation by supporting the Presbyterian Church USA special offerings and programs.
    Provides financial support to designated agencies* and purposes* using funds from the 10% provided by Providence Church from its general fund receipts.
  • Sponsors a free family luncheon held monthly on the third Saturday.

Second Sunday

Family Services Inc Logo T

The Family Services Ministry at Providence Presbyterian Church is a new focus of the Mission & Outreach Team.  We will be collecting donations of items needed by Family Services, Inc, 2002 Broad Ave, on the second Sunday of each month.  Please check our website under “What’s Happening” to see a list of the items most needed for each month.

Soup on Saturday

soup on saturday

Some of our volunteersOn the third Saturday of each month we offer a free luncheon to the entire community.  It runs from 11:30 – 1pm.  Meals include a variety of soups, drinks, and desserts; and sandwiches are available depending on the month.  Come for good food and fellowship.  We hope to see you there!

Third Sunday

Altoona Food Bank
The Food Bank Ministry at Providence Presbyterian Church is currently a focus of the Mission & Outreach Team.

The Team has asked the congregation to help with this ministry by making donations of canned goods and other non-perishable food stuffs. Also, monetary donations are being accepted. The Mission & Outreach Team will focus on the third Sunday of every month, however, they will accept donations anytime.

At this tough economical time we need to reach deeper to help our neighbors.

Overseas Coupon Program

Seal of United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Our church is participating in the Overseas Coupon Program.  Help us support our military families overseas by bringing in coupons which we will then mail to a military base on foreign soil.  Coupon exchanges are often offered by military family support centers; and overseas military grocery stores (commissaries) often will take manufacturer’s cents-off coupons past their printed expiration dates (up to six months).  Having these coupons reduces the financial burdens on military families. We have adopted Yokosuka Naval Base as the base to which we will send the coupons we collect.

Overseas Coupon Program History and Press Release.


Community Garden

See this webpage for more information on this ministry.



Mission Team News

Portion of letter To Providence Presbyterian Church
from John Chisholm, Executive Director of Friends of Kenya Rising
I trust this letter finds you well.  I extend our warm gratitude for your sponsorship contribution last winter towards Ezekiel Chimogoli’s education.  We deeply appreciate your generosity and continued partnership.
I write to you today to share some wonderful news about an exciting new chapter in Ezekiel’s life.
Ezekiel recently joined Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology to study for a degree as a high school teacher.  Your sponsorship gift last winter helped provide funds to get him settled at campus, and also to provide him with a laptop and pay his first semester’s tuition.  Thank you.
I am pleased to share with you a written update about Ezekiel.  That write-up sheds more light on his story and progress.  Link