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Sunday Evening Bible Study

On Sundays at 6 PM we are having a Bible study entitled Walk As Jesus Walked. This is five-session video-based small group bible study by noted teacher and historian, Ray Vander Laan. In this volume, Vander Laan helps you experience how the disciples translated Jesus’ call to passionate discipleship into language and imagery the Roman culture already understood. Faith Lessons is a unique video series that brings God’s Word to life with astounding relevance. By weaving together the Bible’s fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts, teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals unique insights into the Scriptures’ significance for modern believers. Filmed on location in Aphrodisias, Antioch Pisidia, Lystra, and Cappadocia, these illuminating “faith lessons” afford a new understanding of the Bible that will ground your convictions and transform your life. Individual believers and families will gain vital insights from long-ago times and cultures through this innovative approach to Bible study. Lessons include: 2. Learning to Walk Like Jesus, 3. An Unlikely Disciple, 4. Why Christians Suffer: The Weight of Gethsemane, and 5. Don’t Forget Us.


Cabin Fever Movie Day

The church will be having a Cabin Fever Movie Day on Saturday, January 25, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.


Souper Bowl

Sunday, February 2 – Super Bowl Sunday Collection (before church)


Family Services Sunday

On the second Sunday each month we will be observing Family Services Sunday.  For several years now we have received non-perishable food items for the Altoona Food Bank on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  We have learned that Family Services, Inc, 2002 Broad Ave, puts out a calendar of items that they need donations of each month.  The Session decided that we would ask you to bring these needed items here to the church on the 2nd Sunday of the month to be given to Family Services.  Needed items for February are: A & D diaper rash cream; pain relievers for all ages; vapor rub; temporal thermometers; Neosporin; Pepto-Bismol; medicine cups; antacids; cough & cold medicines; and cough drops.


Bible Reading Plan 2020

It’s now the year 2020.  The expression “20/20” makes one think about perfect vision.  To have spiritual vision one needs a regular reading of the Bible in one’s daily life.  Christian leaders have a vision for 2020 as the Year of the Bible for millions around the world.  They have been joining their resources around the Good Book movement that has garnered support from Pope Francis, Ravi Zacharias, Francis Chan adn over 20,000 churches and ministry organizations in more than 100 nations.  To aid you in your study of the Bible this year, a sample Bible reading plan by the Navigators is included.

For a pdf list of the readings, click here: Bible Reading Plan for 2020

For more information on Navigators reading plans, please visit this webpage.



music notesChoir Practice

Our choir practices at Wednesday at 6:30 PM.




vase of flowers

Flower Calendar

The Worship Team has chosen a new florist, Sunrise Floral & Gifts, to provide flowers in 2020.  Increased prices from Warner’s Florist Gifts Greenhouses prompted the Worship Team to be good stewards and do some “comparison shopping”.  Floral vases will continue to be $20/vase ($40.00 for two vases).

If you would like to honor or remember a love one, please sign the 2020 Flower Calendar.  The cost is $40 for two vases.

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