swallowtail butterfly

The butterfly has a special meaning to Providence Presbyterian Church. Not only is it pictured here on our website but we also have a beautiful stained-glass butterfly sitting at the front of our chancel. The symbol of a butterfly is commonly known as one for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, but here at Providence, we use it as a symbol of our own resurrection.

Welcome to the ministry of the butterfly! As you look through this website, you will see in each ministry the resurection for which our butterfly is a symbol.

We all know that a butterfly is first a caterpillar, then, at an appointed time known only to God, the caterpillar begins to build a cocoon around itself until it is completely encapsulated within it. While inside that dead-looking thing, something miraculous is taking place. Then, at another time known only to God, the caterpillar – now – butterfly emerges from the cocoon fully transformed into a thing of beauty, spreading its wings out to dry in the bright sunlight. It cannot fly until it spreads its wings. Now its life no longer consists of eating leaves, but of pollinating plants.

This life cycle is why we use the butterfly as our symbol. We began as something else that looks very different – two separate churches. Those two churches lived a certain way for many years, until, at an appointed time known only to God and the movement of the Holy Spirit, a time of “cocooning” was undertaken: talks about working together, talks about merging together, talks about how this would be done, as to whether this was God’s call to an “appointed time”. Many changes took place. And now, a few years after that first cocoon-building, the butterfly has emerged, and we are learning to fly.

We are still learning to fly, but are doing so boldly and with a new strength shown in our beautiful new wings created only by God. Come join us if you would like to praise God, trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and the winds of the Holy Spirit and fly all at the same time!

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